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Among the Hidden
Haddix among the hidden is about a boy named  Luke Garner who is called a shadow child.  Shadow children never get have birthday party's or birthday celebrations for that case.  They aren't even aloud to exist in the world but some do and that's why they call them shadow children.  If the government were to find out that a shadow child existed they would take them away from the parents.
        The shadow child a third child.  The reason they don't want to be know about is because the government says that the third children are many problems with hunger and over population.  Though that is just a lie.  The government also tell people that they can watch you through your computer tv and cell phone but that's also a lie.
      With Luke being a shadow child he makes everyone in the house miserable.  His family have to live on a farm working the hardest of lives possible.  Luke eventually looks through a window and sees a girl at the  rich people house across the street.  But the strange thing is that they already had two children and this was the third.  Look decides to head over there and he has to sneak over because Luke isn't allowed outside.  When he finally makes it over there he enter the house and sets off and alarm that notifies the guards.  That girl that he saw in the window saw that he was a third child and helped him also disabling the security system.  After he met Jen he found some more things like that the government can watch you through electronics.  When Luke finds out that they can't watch him he is surprised and yet what looked like sad because he was lied to for all of his life.  So after that he was always headed to Jens house and learned more and talked to her.  Jen is a protester and later tries to get a rally of people to fight back the government.  Luke and Jen had gotten in a fight because Luke wouldn't go to the rally so Jen went  without him but right before she tried to convince him by this time heading to his house really late at night.  After the rally look had not heard from Jen so he headed over to her house really late at ngiht.  Look entered her room when the dad woke up and after a small conversation Luke and Jen's dad were okay and when look asked what happened to Jen he told her that she had died.  When look found that out he became really sad then these people came at Jen's dad door.  Jen's dad said that Luke had to go and he could give him s fake name and send him off and that what look did.
      The book was amazing and was really able to speak and describe things to me.  At times I had though that I was Luke actually look talking to Jen and I could feel how Luke felt at times.  The story itself not the writing but the actually story itself and I loved it the world that they lived in.  As if I was actually there.  If all books disappeared but one I would choose that book if it let me chose that is.  I am actually a huge fan of Margret Petersons Haddix Series.  Are any of you?  This book was sorta a mix of action, mystery and adventure.  

Tell what you guys think of this book.  Also please leave  a comment down below most may not no but everytime I get a comment it helps  more than you may know it really does make my day.  Anyways dudes im out peace!


Hidden Talents

Fab 5 Summary Of Hidden Talents

Jeremiah Nelson
Brodie Schiemann
Christopher Glass
Vincente Rivas

  1. Who?
Martin anderson
Who else
Trash, Lucky, Torchie.
2. Wants What?
Martin wants only to finish his home work
3. But….
Martin almost gets hit by a book thrown by Trash starting an argument, then once he gets back to his room his friends are talking about him.

4. so…
Martin goes in and confronts Trash, and stops him from doing it again. Once he gets     back to his room he jiggles the doorknob to warn Lucky and trash
The problem is solved and Martin spends his time reading instead of homework.                                                                                                                                                                  


In the previous chapter of Hidden Talents  and throughout the book  the main character is Martin Anderson. Martin learns about a review to get out of the school ,and then makes a promise to himself that he will try to please all his teachers so he can get out of the school. In this chapter after his class he starts walking back to his room to do his homework when a door in the hallway slams open and a math book flys out and almost hits him. He looks in the room and sees it is the kid he asked about before,Trash. He enters his room and gets in an argument with Trash about the book and gets in a fight which suddenly is resolved. After when Martin is about to get in his room he hears Lucky and Torchie deciding whether they could thrust Martin or not, Martin rattles the doorknob to warn Lucky and Torchie of his presence. The room quiets down Immediately when he enters. Later, Torchie gives him a science fiction book and all Martin does instead homework is read. Cheater sprints in the door, it’s dinner.

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MC Post #1

Let me take you to a world.  A world of a sand box.  Where you can mine at day and sleep at night.  A place to chop, build, survive.  This is Minecraft.  Minecraft is a game where you can expand your imagination and live out a life that you want to live.”  This will be part one of the tutorial.  
Hostile Mobs
I have been told about a game called Minecraft.  This game Minecraft is a sandbox game.  If you go to the Minecraft called you will find that you can download the game for 20 dollars.  The game Minecraft has mobs.  Mobs are friendly bots or hostile or as other people call them NPC.  In my personal opinion they are as dumb as a box of rocks.  NPCs are zombies, enderman, skeleton, creeper, spider, witch, blaze, magma cube, slime, and many other.  Zombies, skeletons, are the only mobs that burn in the sunlight.  Enderman just can't stand it so they teleport away from the area.
Their are these things called potions in the game.  These potions can do crazy things.  Their is a night vision potion which gives you night vision.  The potion that do positive things are the regeneration, strenght, insta health, swiftness,  and invisibly.  The one that does medium effect is  night vision.  It can be useful but also horrible.  The ones that do negative effects are poison, weakness, insta damage and slowness.  
Pickaxes are so annoying sometimes.  A wooden tool can only get you certain things.  Same with diamond, iron, gold, and stone.  The wooden pickaxes can mine any type of ore.  But it will not give you them back.  The only ore it can mine and give you back is a piece of coal.  Now stone is not a ore but it can still mine that.  The stone can then be turned into a stone tool. The stone tool can mine three things iron, stone, and coal.  The iron can be smelted which we will talk about later.   Iron can mine anything.  Diamond, gold, coal, and stone.  Also it can mine iron obviously.  Gold can only mine stone.  It mines the fastest but has the weakest durability.  Diamond is the second fastest at mining but has tons of durability.  Diamond can mine anything including a special thing that nothing else can mine which is obsidian. There are other ores that can’t be made into tools that we will talk about later.  
Ores are special things.  Without ores you would die a lot quicker than usual.  There are six types of ores.  Their is the iron, gold, diamond, coal, redstone, and lapis lazuli.  Iron can be used to make tools so can diamond, and gold.  Now their is stone but it is not a ore.  For all things gold is the weakest tool but mines the fastest.  Diamond is just a good tool in general.  The diamond tool have the largest durability but mine the second fastest.  Iron is in the middle.  Redstone is like the electricity of Minecraft.  You can machines with it but it can be very stressful.  If you were to do restore please be a pro this is highly suggested.  Coal can smelt things and make a torch.  Torches light up the area and coal burn or cooks stuff.
Axes can also be annoying.  The way that axes work is the same for pickaxes in a way.  The gold mines fastest but is weakest. Diamond is second fastest but strongest.  Stone and wooden horrible and iron in the middle.  Axes are used to chop down trees.  There are four types of trees.  Oak, spruce, birch, and jungle.  Jungle trees are the tallest, the oak and birch are the shortest and the spruce is in between.
Hoe tools act just like gold, iron, diamond, and stone, wood.  They work the same just different uses.  What they do is they make it so you can plant seeds in the ground.  The types of plants you  can use are potatoes, carrots, seeds, watermelon, and pumpkin.  Potatoes heel the least amount of hunger unless cooked then they heal of food.  Melons heal one bar and carrots heal two.  When you break a melon it gives you four to five melons usually.  Potatoes really depends same with carrots.  
Swords are used to kill mobs.  Mobs can be killed by swinging the sword at them.  There are five types of swords. Diamond, gold, iron, wood, and stone.  The diamond does the most amount of damage and has the largest durability.  Iron medium.  Gold, stone and wood suck.  
Ender Tutorial
I will also teach you about how to get to an ender fortress.  The real name is a stronghold.  The stronghold can take you to the EnderDragon.  But the real question is how do you get there.  You get there by a eye of ender.  But what's the eye of ender.  The eye of ender is a ender pearl mixed with blaze powder.  You earn blaze powder by getting a blaze rod and putting it in a crafting table.  You get blaze rods from blazes.  The best way to get ender pearls is with endermen.  Then make a eye of ender.  Then throw it up in the air.  Follow the direction you threw it in.  Then thats how you get there.  
You know to get you more interested in the game we are going to tell a story about MC.  So sit down and relax.  I have a friend over xbox named Minecrafter1429.  He was a very odd man.  One day he was just walking home to his house.  When he realized he needed clay.  He got some and headed back home.  From there he opened his house door and Boom!  He then got so mad that I thought Minecrafter1429 was going to quit.  But instead he went on a killing rampage and died.  He respawned and went on another killing rampage.  Then he almost died again.  
Redstone brings up a lot of questions.  So let me just explain it.  For starters redstone wasn’t added in Minecraft Xbox or PC in 2013.  It was added before 2013.  Now you maybe like that is a lie the book said it was 2013!  Well you're wrong.  If you look up redstone tutorials they may have been made in 2011.  Also it was in the game for a while.  I have personal experience with it.  This one time I was making a electric door.  I made it with redstone in 2012.
Markus who is that guy?  Well that guy is the creator of minecraft.  Minecraft was created in by a seven year old but was released in 2009.  Minecraft can be bought for the MAC/PC.  Here is the minecraft websites name. if you want to try to learn everything about the game go to if you like to read it from then stay tuned for the second story.
So that is the game of minecraft.  Now just think for just one major second is this the game you want to buy.  A game where you can expand your imagination.  Minecraft maybe just

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Matter: Mass and Weight

    All types of matter in the world have mass.  Mass is the amount of matter in an object but is also the Eucharist, now especially in Roman Catholicism.  Every single types of matter take up space or volume.  Volume is the loudness of softness of a sound that you can hear, or the strength of sound.  Also matter can't be destroyed.  Matter is a material that has mass and takes up space, the basic structural component of the universe.  Matter usually has and volume.  
    Mass is the amount or how much matter in an object.  Weight measures the pull that gravity has on matter which once more can't be destroyed.  Measures is a tool used to learn more about volume, length or weight of an object.  
     Mass is measured with balance.  Balance is  a state of equilibrium or equipoise; equal distribution of weight, amount, etc.  Weight can or does measure the pull of gravity on matter.  
     Moving or transporting an object to space can change the weight but not the mass.  Remember weight measure the pull of gravity.   Mass is how much matter an object has.  
     The mass of the object is always the same the same as the  total mass of its parts. No matter what happens. I found all of this info on Discovery education matter mass and weight. I found it in the evaluate tab. I do indeed wish that I could have quotedn but all of my info was just a simple website.

By the way I also wanted to menchin I am one post away from my 100.

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Viruses and Bees

Ladies and Gentlemen,
     I have recently read the article called Deadly virus spreads from plants to honeybees.  It is about a new virus in honey bees, collapsing, and        
A New Virus in Honey Bees
      In the first part of the article it talks about a virus.  This virus is a " rapidly mutating virus" which means that the virus is changing at a rapid speed.  This new diese is on flowers and bees.   This new virus will lead to the collapse of honey bees.  Witch is vital to the agriculture area.  If you guys weren't already thinking about it well just think about that.  All right I will help you majorly.  Okay so if the bees become extict than the humans will to.  We will all die of hunger.  This virus is going to lead to our death.  Bees pollinate all plants.  Cows and other animals eat plants.  If the plants stop growing then the animals will stop eating.  Then they will die of starvation.  Then if all plant and meat goes away then we will die.  Also that is one of the worst ways to die.
      Looks like if the bees collapse so will the humans.  "Just how big a role the new virus has been playing in the death of colonies is unknown." It also says in the article, “...But bee colonies have been collapsing.” Once more like I said if they collapse so will we. The plants will not get pollinated and then we will lose food and we have less meat because animals eat plants. We have all heard it before.
I was just thinking about something. If the humans fade what will happen to the Earth.  Supposedly we do fade. Maybe we will be doing a favor. If the humans parish then the Earth will heal it self. The Earth will destroy pollution and get rid of all electronics. Witch means their are negatives and positives about these cosses. I think the human race has or is leading themselves into extinction. We could have used chemicals to cos this madness. Or we could have taken the world of its re souses which some how effected this. What Have We Done!?!