Thursday, January 8, 2015


Among the Hidden
Haddix among the hidden is about a boy named  Luke Garner who is called a shadow child.  Shadow children never get have birthday party's or birthday celebrations for that case.  They aren't even aloud to exist in the world but some do and that's why they call them shadow children.  If the government were to find out that a shadow child existed they would take them away from the parents.
        The shadow child a third child.  The reason they don't want to be know about is because the government says that the third children are many problems with hunger and over population.  Though that is just a lie.  The government also tell people that they can watch you through your computer tv and cell phone but that's also a lie.
      With Luke being a shadow child he makes everyone in the house miserable.  His family have to live on a farm working the hardest of lives possible.  Luke eventually looks through a window and sees a girl at the  rich people house across the street.  But the strange thing is that they already had two children and this was the third.  Look decides to head over there and he has to sneak over because Luke isn't allowed outside.  When he finally makes it over there he enter the house and sets off and alarm that notifies the guards.  That girl that he saw in the window saw that he was a third child and helped him also disabling the security system.  After he met Jen he found some more things like that the government can watch you through electronics.  When Luke finds out that they can't watch him he is surprised and yet what looked like sad because he was lied to for all of his life.  So after that he was always headed to Jens house and learned more and talked to her.  Jen is a protester and later tries to get a rally of people to fight back the government.  Luke and Jen had gotten in a fight because Luke wouldn't go to the rally so Jen went  without him but right before she tried to convince him by this time heading to his house really late at night.  After the rally look had not heard from Jen so he headed over to her house really late at ngiht.  Look entered her room when the dad woke up and after a small conversation Luke and Jen's dad were okay and when look asked what happened to Jen he told her that she had died.  When look found that out he became really sad then these people came at Jen's dad door.  Jen's dad said that Luke had to go and he could give him s fake name and send him off and that what look did.
      The book was amazing and was really able to speak and describe things to me.  At times I had though that I was Luke actually look talking to Jen and I could feel how Luke felt at times.  The story itself not the writing but the actually story itself and I loved it the world that they lived in.  As if I was actually there.  If all books disappeared but one I would choose that book if it let me chose that is.  I am actually a huge fan of Margret Petersons Haddix Series.  Are any of you?  This book was sorta a mix of action, mystery and adventure.  

Tell what you guys think of this book.  Also please leave  a comment down below most may not no but everytime I get a comment it helps  more than you may know it really does make my day.  Anyways dudes im out peace!


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